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The Pioneer Difference

At Pioneer School, we pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that will prepare your child to love learning for the rest of their lives. 

Small Class Sizes

At Pioneer School, we realize that children excel when they are given the attention they need to thrive. We limit our class sizes to 16 students maximum (most classes have 13 or fewer students). Our average class has a 6:1 student-teacher ratio with a teaching certified primary teacher and teaching assistant.

Learning Expeditions

One of our students' favorite parts of attending Pioneer School is the chance to enhance their education with learning expeditions. Because our schooling revolves around four to five main topics each year, we coordinate outings, on nearly a weekly basis, pertaining to our learning topics. Our students get to explore local events and places like the County Fair or Train Museum, along with trips that take them to new destinations such as Yellowstone and the Grand Coulee Dam.

Fun with the Students Outdoors.jpg
Physical Education

We know how important it is for our students to participate in physical education activities. We have weekly P.E. class, which often takes place in our tree-filled playground or we'll head away from school to enjoy roller skating or other activities. During the winter, the students get to enjoy living in the mountains! We reserve one day a week for six weeks during winter for cross-country and downhill skiing. 

Extracurricular Activities

Students who attend Pioneer School get to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. In addition to private music classes in piano, violin, and voice, we also have Math is Cool club and Invent Washington. Some of our extracurriculars include a competitive element where students will compete with other schools from the area and state.

Acting Their Hearts Out.jpg
Topic Focused Learning

Each year we rotate through four to six different topics that the students will learn about school-wide. We teach a total of 16-20 topics, so they repeat every four years. The different grades of students are taught about the topic based on their grade level but often will work with the students in older or younger grades to enrich their learning experience. Whenever we can, we incorporate math, writing, reading, history, science, and other areas of teaching into the topic to create a very integrated learning experience for the students. This helps them to absorb what they are learning while having fun learning it!

Family Involvement

You'll often hear Pioneer School parents talk about how attending our school feels like you are joining an extended family. It feels that way for a reason. The families who attend Pioneer School tend to be like-minded when it comes to their childrens' education. They are very committed to helping their children with their studies beyond when they are in school and value the education their children receive. Many of our parents chaperone learning expeditions and/or volunteer in the classroom. Because our school is small, the families get to know one another on a personal level, creating a positive experience for both the students who attend our school and their parents.


If you're interested in becoming part of our Pioneer School family, we encourage you to take a tour and learn more about our school.

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