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Pioneer School Featured in Spokesman-Review

Pioneer School Featured in Spokesman-Review

The Spokesman-Review recently contacted us to do a write up about our 40th year as a private elementary school in the Spokane Valley. Last week, we were visited by a journalist (Cindy Hval) and photographer (Tyler Tjomsland) at the school.

We are thrilled with the article, which you can read here. What an honor for our school!

At Pioneer, we have forty years of successfully graduating children from kindergarten up until they are ready to venture off into middle school. Students often come to Pioneer when parents find that their child's educational needs are different than what is offered through a public school environment.

The article from the Spokesman-Review really encapsulated the spirit and mission of our school. Here were a few of our favorite excerpts.

"Welcome to Pioneer School, a K-5 secular private school for bright and capable students. Tucked away in a corner off Sullivan Road in Spokane Valley, this hidden gem is celebrating its 40th year."

"With five teachers and a maximum enrollment of 60, the school fills a niche for children who need more academic stimulation than they may receive in a public school setting."

"Grade placement is determined by examining all aspects of the child – social, emotional and academic – and all learning is individualized. Mixed-grade classrooms mean lots of interaction among students, with older students giving presentations to younger children."

"At Pioneer School much of the learning occurs outside the classroom. A row of small ski boots wait in readiness for the next trip to Mount Spokane."

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